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1.The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed May 24 as the International Day of the Markhor.

  • The markhor (Capra falconeri), also known as the “screw-horned goat,” is the national animal of Pakistan.

2.India launches "Mission ISHAN" for ‘One Nation, One Airspace’.

  • India’s Mission ISHAN aims to centralize air traffic management by unifying four flight information regions (FIRs) into one, controlled from Nagpur.
  • The unified system is expected to reduce congestion, lower travel times, save fuel, and decrease the carbon footprint.

3.Mariyappan Thangavelu wins Gold at World Para Athletics Championships.

  • In the men's T63 high jump, Mariyappan set a championship record at 1.88 meters to secure gold, adding to his accolades from the Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2021 Paralympics.
  • Sumit Antil successfully defended his F64 javelin throw world title with a top throw of 69.50 meters at the World Para Athletics Championships in Kobe, Japan.
  • Compatriot Sandeep earned bronze with a throw of 60.41 meters.

4.The 10th World Water Forum under the "Water for Shared Prosperity" theme officially opened in Indonesia.

The Forum focused on four topics: 

  • Water Conservation
  • Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Food and Energy Security
  • Mitigation of Natural Disasters

5.Half of world’s “Rangelands” are degraded : UNCCD

  • Definition: Rangelands are Natural grasslands used by livestock and wild animals for grazing and foraging.
  • Vegetation: Tallgrass prairies, steppes, desert shrublands, shrub woodlands, savannas, chaparrals, tundras.

6.Indian Naval Ships Delhi, Shakti and Kiltan visited Manila, Philippines as part of Operational Deployment of the Indian Navy's Eastern Fleet to South China Sea

7. Head of the Defence Staff (CDS) General Anil Chauhan started Cyber Suraksha 2024

8. 1st Human Case of ‘Bird Flu’ has been reported In Australia.

9. India's Embassy in Abu Dhabi and Consulate in Dubai were awarded the prestigious Shield of Honour at the 5th Minister of Foreign Affairs Excellence Awards ceremony.

10.Karnataka has mandated 33% reservation for Women in govt contract jobs.

11.China has started using a new large language model (LLM) that is based on the political ideas of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

12.Doordarshan Kisan to launch two AI anchors AI Krish and AI Bhoomi on 26th May 2024

13.Spain has joined the International Solar Alliance (ISA) as its 99th member. 








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